"There is a softness and delicacy to the photographs that Lisa Meloni makes. Her photos of children are intimate and poignant. There is spontaneity and great emotional range to them. Her scenics, and by that I refer to any photos without people, seem to bring back an earlier time, even if the subjects are current. And she brings the same approach to the notoriously unspontaneous subject of event and wedding photography. She continues to find the unusual moment, while fulfilling the assignment of recording the essential moments of an event, which rarely gives the photographer a second chance.

A longtime devotee of film and the darkroom, she has learned her craft well and it shows in the nuance of black and white and sepia tones she often uses. Lisa is an artist in a time of technicians, and she enhances the art of photography for us all."

Mitchel Gray, Sunstreak Productions, NYC

~ ~ ~

"Lisa is my official photographer. She rocks!"

Rob Mathes, Emmy and Grammy winning composer