Lisa Meloni is a photographer with a passion for classic images. Over the last fifteen years she has worked as an event photographer for private and corporate clients, and as a digital still life photographer. Her work has been featured in publications like Working Mother Magazine, on many musicians CD covers, and in a series of book covers for Avon Books.

Lisa is currently working as a freelance photographer shooting select events and children’s lifestyle photography for families throughout Manhattan, Westchester and the Hamptons. She is well versed in shooting both B/W and color with an emphasis on B/W film and printing.

Lisa is based in Manhattan where she lives with her husband and son.

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“I love to photograph a moment in time, one that might otherwise be forgotten. Photography allows me to capture the decisive moment in a way that not only captures the image but also the feeling, emotion and the story hidden within that moment. Photographs take an instant out of time allowing the joy of that moment to last forever.”